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1922 - The cry of God, "Go build me a church," was heard in Columbus, Ohio. The late Reverend Solomon M. Smith and his companion, the late Sister Ida Smith heard this call. It was in August of 1922 that Reverend Solomon M. Smith, a few Christians and his immediate family, all baptized believers in Christ, dedicated and sincere in their desire to serve God, organized a local assembly to be known as The Friendship Baptist Church.

1924 - In 1924 the Lord sent Reverend R. T. Gleaves to the fold to shepherd the sheep. Knowing that God is in all good works, the small congregation soon outgrew the small place of worship and secured a larger building on the southwest corner of Donaldson and Grant Avenues, 349 Donaldson Street. It was at this site that the fruits of God's promise began to unfold. Deacons and Trustees were added. It wasn't long before the last note on the church was paid.

1973 – In September of 1973, the Reverend G. Thomas Turner, Sr. Was called to serve as the third pastor and shepherd over this flock of baptized believers. After assuming the pastorate of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, many accomplishments were made under Pastor Turner's leadership. The most notable were the souls won to Christ. He greatly added to the fellowship of the church and led in erecting a new church edifice in which the Friendship family entered in March of 1984.


In August of 1993, Pastor Turner led the congregation in the selling of the mortgage of this church edifice. In 1995 we expanded the church by including additions that not only enhanced the value of the church for that time, but for generations to come. Pastor Turner was proud of many of the improvements of the church, including but not limited to the Educational Wing and the Friendship Christian Learning Center.

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2016 – In 2016, God directed Rev. Dr. Scottie L. Aaron’s spiritual calling to Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. Accepting the call, he occupied the pulpit on Sunday, October 23, 2016 and Dr. Scottie L. Aaron was officially installed as the fourth Pastor of the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday, December 18, 2016. Rev. Dr. Scottie L. Aaron came to Friendship experienced with years of Biblical training and wisdom, as well as an upbringing in the Baptist church, which are essential in the need for leading this church on the journey Christ has set before us. Pastor Aaron has excitedly directed the church in the beginning of new ministries since his arrival, including The Media Ministry, The Mother’s Ministry, and The Prayer Warriors Ministry. Pastor Aaron has a passion for people. He is faithfully and prayerfully focused on taking Friendship Missionary Baptist Church to the next level that God has for us. Pastor Aaron’s vision includes spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through new and innovative ways.

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